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CA Excavation has several excavators

that are suitable for everything from small residential work to large excavations.

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We specialize in residential excavation!

CA Excavation has several excavators available for everything from small residential work to large excavations.

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  • Landscape Preparation

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  • Stump Removal

  • Subgrading for Roads and Pads

  • Driveways

  • Back Filling

  • Post Hole Auger

  • Grading

Equipment costs are charged out by day and include delivery. Operators are charged out by the hour.

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A lot of homeowners landscape their residences mainly because they want to make their property more eye-catching. But more than that, a landscaped house generally has a greater real estate value than one that isn’t. Depending on what the homeowner needs, the plan could be simple or compound. Simple ones make for easy upkeep while compound ones make for a lot of room for trees and plants.

Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a structure devised to restrict soil to uncommon slopes. They are used to force soils between two distinctive elevations often in areas where landscape possessing adverse slopes or in areas where the landscape needs to be modified severely and engineered for more functional purposes like hillside gardening or pathways.


A linear French drain is simply a "moat" that protects your yard or house from sub-surface or surface water. It is constructed by digging a trench wide and deep enough for the specified requirements of the landscape. If you want to intercept sub-surface water to dry out your yard, you install the trench along the highest part of your property. Extend the trench to the lowest part of your yard. If your intent is to protect your house from water, you construct the trench approximately 4-6 feet away from the foundation. In many cases the trench system is U shaped as it passes around your house.

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